Omar Jasika has chosen Roger Federer as the greatest of all time.

Omar Jasika, an Australian tennis player, says he didn’t have any heroes growing up, but that he thinks Roger Federer is the best of all time.

Jasika, now 25 years old, had a very successful junior career, winning the US Open boys’ singles and doubles titles in 2014. I didn’t have an idol growing up, but I loved watching Roger Federer play because he is incredible, Jasika told Punto de Break.

Jasika chose Federer as the best of all time. Jasika responded, “I have to pick Roger.”

On one occasion, Jasika trained alongside Roger Federer.

Jasika shared a picture of herself and Roger Federer on the practice court five years ago. It was Jasika’s privilege to warm up Federer before the 2017 Australian Open final.

This is what Jasika wrote as the caption to his Instagram post about the experience: “It is an honor to preheat the king for tonight’s final exam. Sending you the best of luck.” Federer, meanwhile, is still recovering from knee surgery and hasn’t played since Wimbledon 2021.

Federer said in a recent interview that he plans to give tennis one last try. According to Federer‘s interview with Het Parool, “how I want to deal with this, how often I keep looking for interest,” is something that can only be determined by time. In today’s era, I occasionally reflect on this topic.

Now I’m concentrating on a tennis comeback. That is something I give a lot of time and thought to every day, and I work hard at. How you feel and what you do after a standing ovation is something I still don’t know in advance.

Many of us get nervous before a big parade, as Novak [Djokovic] himself admitted. Not only is this not something we do every day, but it is also something at which we never become accustomed. All it takes is a little bit of walking and some words to clear up the ambiguity.

Not everyone witnessed my emotional state, however. This kind of adoration never gets old. For the same reason, many athletes find it challenging to slow down. As to why they insist on holding exhibition matches. Due to their enthusiasm for the stage. For the simple reason that we are more than just tennis players; we are also performers and entertainers.