“Rafael Nadal runs after every ball as…”, a former ATP ace says of Nadal.

Rafael Nadal‘s greatest talent was exposed by former US champion John McEnroe. Here’s how McEnroe broke it down: “Never before have I seen anyone so determined to win every ball. I always considered Jimmy Connors the greatest in this category, but Rafael Nadal has now taken the crown.

It’s undeniable that that’s his greatest strength. An incredible player who has only gotten better with experience, he will stop at nothing to achieve victory. Everyone wants to be just like him, but nobody has ever come close.

If that weren’t the case, everyone would. Advising Nick Kyrgios that he can reach the top of the tennis rankings if he simply gives it his all may seem like a simple task. He struggles with it because it’s not his forte.” Meanwhile, John discussed Novak Djokovic: “It’s true that he’s not as well-recognized as he should be, but nobody can deny that he’s a legend in his own time.

That he will be admitted to the USA is something I really hope for.” Everyone has been stunned by Rafael Nadal‘s early season performances. The Spanish prodigy has returned from an extended injury layoff to win the first two Majors of 2022.

The 36-year-old Spaniard put some distance between himself and Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic in the all-time Grand Slam standings with his victories at the Australian Open and Roland Garros. With his seventh Wimbledon title, the Serbian has closed the gap, but he still won’t have enough money to fly to the United States to play in the US Open.

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While Federer advanced to the Wimbledon final, Rafa was sidelined with an abdominal muscle tear and had to watch the match from the sidelines. The former number one in the world has started training again and will be back in Montreal sometime next month. It has been confirmed by the director of the Canadian Masters 1000 that the Iberian will be in Quebec between August 7 and 14.

The Mallorcan hopes to return to the US Open in peak condition after missing out in 2019.

Robredo, Regarding Rafa Nadal

Robredo remarked, “Rafael Nadal [was the toughest to play against] because of the way he plays, with the speed of the ball, the spin of his forehand, the difference due to him being left-handed, and the way that he runs after every ball as if it were the first.”

Against Djokovic, the 40-year-old finished his career 2-7, and against Federer, he went 1-11. I don’t mean to imply that the other players are easy, but Robredo’s “something that makes you suffer more inside the court than the rest” rings true for me.

“Rafael Nadal runs after every ball as…”, a former ATP ace says of Nadal.

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