To quote Gonzalez: “Roger Federer will do something significant.”

Tennis player Fernando Gonzalez reminisced about his time on the court, and the topic of Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer came up naturally. The Swiss defeated the Chilean in the 2007 final of the Australian Open. According to Gonzalez: “In particular, the one with Nico Massu was lovely.

We share a common heritage and nationality, and despite facing off against each other on the field on multiple occasions, we always remained close friends. This is a sport that requires a high level of competitiveness; if you lack this quality, the circuit will quickly eliminate you. As a frequent opponent of theirs, I also have many memorable encounters with players like Ljubicic, Federer, Nadal, Roddick, Davydenko, and Wawrinka.”

Inquisitive Federer: “Perhaps he will return to say his goodbyes, but if he does, I expect him to shoot for the stars. He has the chops. It’s hard to say how he’d fare in five sets, but he seems to have everything in order for at least three.

Among today’s young tennis pros, Roger is the one who has the deepest understanding of his own body. After games, when he needs to rest and get ready for the next one, is when he’ll really start to feel the physical effects of the problem.

I doubt he will ever win another Grand Slam, but I think he has a shot at surprising in three-set events.”

Nadal caught Gonzalez off guard.

About Nadal, he said: “Contrary to my expectations, he continues to play long after his prime playing years have passed.

When he lost it, we didn’t think he’d win Wimbledon, but he did it twice. Djokovic came so close to winning the Grand Slam last year; he had the opportunity to keep competing for the title despite the pressure, which I can only imagine to be enormous and exhausting.

I wish I could have witnessed this in person.” Gonzalez discusses his background and career prospects as a coach. “No, I don’t want to go away for a year; my family needs me at home right now and I don’t feel up to not being there.

You could give it some thought if a tennis player were to pick me for a short-term partnership of a few weeks’ duration. Getting interested in someone is possible if that person selects me. Although I take pleasure in a healthy dose of competition and appreciate the satisfaction of working from within an organization, returning to my love of travel serves as my compass. Now that I’ve relocated to Miami, where I’ll be more centrally located, I’m excited to explore the possibilities that lie ahead.”