After Wimbledon, Berrettini and his mental coach both cried.

Matteo Berrettini is not only a talented player and a model professional, but also a very sensitive young man who takes care to express his feelings appropriately. The Roman tennis player has had a rocky career thus far due to injuries, but he has learned to view these setbacks as opportunities rather than setbacks.

Without the assistance of an expert like Stefano Massari, who follows the blue champion off-court as a mental coach, this way of life never would have succeeded. Massari, a driving force behind the I Tennis Foundation project, explained to reporters what Berrettini went through during the last big burn, the Coronavirus-caused decline in his Wimbledon performance. The mental trainer admitted, “First I bought a lot of Kleenex because we cried a lot together.”

“Back then, he had said, “I am heartbroken,” and it was true. He could have played for Wimbledon, but he declared his positivity out of consideration for the ball boys who would have been his opponents.

Because of who he is, he had no other option.”

Massari says, “Revenge is very important to Matteo.”

During Stefano Massari’s explanation of Matteo Berrettini, the blue player’s mental coach emphasized the importance of the training he underwent to make the most of the mandatory rest periods: “Over the years, he has learned to view injury not as a death sentence, but as a time to indulge in activities that, when he is healthy and not preoccupied with tournaments, he cannot.

As a result, he either plays with unseen people or calls his grandmother, the Brazilian one in particular, who is a remarkable individual like his grandfather. He benefits greatly from his decision to treat his free time as a resource rather than a punishment by watching movies and reading books.

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Keep in mind that the world cares only about his success, while the two of us care nothing about it; otherwise, he might not stop winning, but he’d be less happy if he did. Matteo harbors a deep need for vengeance, and as soon as his health improves to an acceptable level, he will express it openly. We are confident in saying that he is one of the world’s top ten players.”

After Wimbledon, Berrettini and his mental coach both cried.
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