Ajla Tomljanovic’s remarks regarding her Wimbledon mentorship are met by Chris Evert’s response.

Chris Evert claims that one of the reasons Ajla Tomljanovic like the Australian is because she is a hilarious person. The 29-year-old Tomljanovic, who was coached by the former 18-time Grand Slam champion Evert throughout her run at The Championships, reached her second Grand Slam quarterfinal at Wimbledon this past summer.

On the Inside In podcast, Tomljanovic said, “She’s funny because she will text me, she always texts me before my first round, like, ‘Good luck, you got this,’ and then the more I start winning, she will always email me in my day off, saying, “Hey, get your head in the game, you’re not finished here.”

“She would therefore always be the one to give me all the motivation, but she would also keep me thirsty for more by saying things like, “You’re not done here.” I almost feel like they’re saying, “I hope you loved yesterday, but today, you’re thinking about tomorrow.”

And I always appreciate it because she’s right—I didn’t come here just to advance to the third or fourth round—and even though she was pleased of me at the end of the day, I simply appreciate how she keeps my perspective in check.

On the court, she was a princess, but when the match was on, she would do anything to win. And as you may know, the champion she once was still comes through when Mom talks to me about my tennis playing. The way she talks about it is occasionally humorous to me.”

Evert reacts to Tomljanovic’s remarks

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Tomljanovic made her first Grand Slam quarterfinal at Wimbledon the previous year.

Tomljanovic made another strong showing at The All England Club this year, demonstrating that her performance at Wimbledon in 2021 wasn’t an anomaly. After losing to eventual champion Elena Rybakina in the Wimbledon quarterfinals, Tomljanovic’s season was over. Before Rybakina came back to win 4-6 6-2 6-3, Tomljanovic led by a set.