Jack Draper discusses the things Rafael Nadal has taught him.

Rafael Nadal, according to 20-year-old Jack Draper, is a special person with many things to be gained from him. One of the most promising players from the younger generation is Draper, who has won four Challenges titles this year and is enjoying a career-high standing of No. 88 in the world.

Having dominated the Challenger Tour earlier this year, Draper is now concentrating on making a name for himself on the top tier. Draper has high standards for himself and strives to win the most prestigious awards in the industry.

“Exactly how he [Rafael Nadal] conducts himself both on and off the tennis court. Everyone can, in my opinion, perceive his approach in any sport. He puts up a strong battle for every point. He is a very modest man. I believe there are numerous things to be learned from a great player like that, according to Draper in a GQ Magazine interview, reported Sportskeeda.

Draper studying Andy Murray and Nadal

Since Murray won his third Grand Slam championship at Wimbledon in 2016, Great Britain hasn’t had a male Grand Slam winner. The British are hoping Draper becomes the next big start and wins Grand Slams for Great Britain because Murray is already 35 and past his prime.

Murray was a role model for Draper as a child, and now the two of them are attempting to emulate each other’s success in the game. “I had a lot of opportunity to watch him grow up. I believe he was at his best between the ages of eight and fourteen.

Without knowing him, it was amazing to watch Murray and learn from his game alone, according to Draper. Draper, however, was unable to advance to the Atlanta main draw. In the Atlanta qualifying final round on Sunday, Ramkumar Ramanathan of India unexpectedly defeated Draper.