Martim Prata, Fábio Coelho and Tiago Silva shine and advance in Castelo Branco

At the $25,000 ITF in Castelo Branco, there are three more Portuguese victories to rejoice. Tiago Silva, Martim Prata, and Fábio Coelho all qualified for the second round of the international competition taking place this week.

Maxence Broville, a Frenchman who was rated 871st on the ATP and the fifth seed, was defeated by Prata (unranked), who is now waiting for either Francisco Rocha or Matt Ponchet, a fellow countryman.

Frenchman Pierre Delage (874th), the sixth favorite to win, was comfortably defeated by Coelho (1085th), who defeated him by scores of 6-4 and 6-0. He will now carefully compare forces with Tiago Silva, who at the age of 17 earned his maiden ATP point by defeating Moroccan Imran Sibille, who was ranked 1549th, by scores of 6-1 and 6-1.

Three more Portuguese players will compete: Pedro Arajo will play Miguel Gomes, while Francisco Rocha will play Matt Ponchet. Rodrigo Beires and Filipe Grebentsov both dropped the first round.