Daniil Medvedev: Better than in 10 weeks from No.

both, but lost the final act, sending him to Mallorca.

However, because Russian and Belarusian players were disallowed from the third Grand Slam competition because of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Medvedev was unable to compete. The ATP’s response at Wimbledon was to refuse to award points for this Grand Slam; as a result, the victor of the US Open benefited from this decision and was able to maintain the top spot in the rankings for a number of weeks, accomplishing a new objective.

ten-week target attained

The total number of weeks that Daniil Medvedev held the top spot in the world is ten. The first weeks go back to February, when Novak Djokovic, the former top player, was unable to participate in the competitions of the first half of the season because the Serbian people chose not to get vaccinated.

The counter-overtaking, which only lasted for a brief period of time due to the Russian’s bad performances and the return of the winners of 21 Grand Slam titles, occurred when the points from Roland Garros were lost, Djokovic fell, and the winner rose to the top.

2021 ATP Finals. With the ten-week record, Medvedev separates himself from other players who haven’t spent as much time at the top of the rankings. He surpasses his compatriot Marat Safin in particular, who was stopped nine weeks after defeating American Pete Sampras to win the US Open.

After the Russian ban at Wimbledon, Medvedev will be one of the main characters of the US hard-court season.

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Daniil Medvedev: Better than in 10 weeks from No.
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