Montreal 2022, the Covid dread returns: what transpires

Little comforting news has come from the Canadian government, which will decide whether or not to hold the ATP Masters 1000 in Montreal, while we wait for more confirmation from the US government. Rapid swabs will once again be used at airports to determine whether travelers arriving in their country are positive for the disease, the government has declared in the recent hours.

It is important to note that, at least initially, the swabs will be performed at random, selecting individuals at random from the tourists. All tennis players are really concerned about the possibility of being isolated for around 10 days for those who choose to stay optimistic at Covid.

The ATP has asked the sportsmen to quickly swab themselves before flying to Canada in anticipation of the Montreal tournament in order to prevent awkward circumstances. It has been reiterated that there will be no exceptions and that the vaccine is required for entry into both Canada and the United States.

a circumstance where Novak Djokovic is effectively barred from competing in the American competition. The Wimbledon champion is not inoculated and has no intention of becoming immunized, thus it is nearly impossible for him to compete in the US Open and any other events held in America.

Ivanisevic on Novak Djokovic‘s selection

In a recent interview, Goran Ivanisevic discussed Novak Djokovic‘s decision to forego vaccination, saying the following: “I admire Novak Djokovic‘s bravery and respect his choice.

He doesn’t intend to return. He has been characterized by the media as the movement’s leader and as someone who is a detrimental influence on others, but this is all untrue. Although he does not want to have a coronavirus vaccination, he has never suggested that others follow his example.

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I admire his choice and concur wholeheartedly.” Covid-19, a disease that has caused a true pandemic and millions of deaths worldwide, has had a significant impact on tennis and the sport of sport for more than two years.

The situation has slightly improved since then, particularly in Europe, but recently the number of illnesses has started to rise once more. The Covid alarm has resurfaced in recent hours in the tennis world, raising particular concerns in the United States.

Montreal 2022, the Covid dread returns: what transpires
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