Novak Djokovic says, “I came with my two.”

When the stadium’s master of ceremonies introduced World No. 1 Novak Djokovic for the Belgrade Open final, World No. 138 Alex Molcan had shivers. Having a strong performance at the Belgrade Open, Molcan, who was ranked No. 255 at the time, had to win the qualifying round in order to advance to the main draw.

At the Belgrade Open, Molcan won a total of six matches before getting the chance to compete against Djokovic, who is now a 20-time Grand Slam champion. Molcan recalls hearing the words “Novak Djokovic, No. 1 in the world, 18 Grand Slams” during an interview on the ATP website.

Being there was incredible. He was shivering. The remarkable Belgrade Open run of Molcan did not result in a victory, as Djokovic triumphed 6-4 6-3. My confidence has changed significantly since then. For me, that was the major step.

Naturally, I’m looking to grow and learn. I always reflect on Belgrade because I learned a lot there, particularly from the final matchup with Djokovic, Molcan remarked. It was a window opening into how I ought to play tennis or how competitive tennis is.

I am aware that I am playing with confidence now. I’m confident I can have fun with these men. I’ve always believed I can defeat the good guys. However, in the past, I occasionally would triumph in a wild battle against a talented opponent just to lose to a rival of a lower caliber.

I had a hard difficulty keeping up my level throughout the competition. I no longer switch between good and bad performances. I maintain the same level at all times. It jumps and falls from time to time, but I never give up because I have faith in my ability to win.

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If I play well, I believe I can beat anyone.

While on vacation, Novak Djokovic

Two weeks after winning his seventh Wimbledon championship and 21st Grand Slam, Novak Djokovic is still taking advantage of his holiday. He is aware that his chances of making it to the US for the US Open (August 29 to September 11) are essentially nonexistent.

The Serb spoke out to the local media from Croatia, where he is having fun with his two brothers. “Winning at least one Grand Slam is always good, especially when it’s Wimbledon, a tournament that has a lot of personal significance for me.

Everything that will happen in the future is just a bonus; the season has been successful, declared Nole. While on holiday in Croatia, Novak Djokovic said, “I came here with my two younger brothers, and we took the chance to be together.

We are now together after a long period of separation. We’re having a great time exploring the Croatian coast.

Novak Djokovic says, “I came with my two.”

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