Top coach: “Novak Djokovic is still hungry and eager for…”

Hamad Medjedovic’s father, Eldin, says that Novak Djokovic was very approachable when he met his son, which allowed the 19-year-old to feel at ease with the 21-time Grand Slam champion. One of the most promising players, Medjedovic is 19 years old. Djokovic gave him advice on how to go with his development moving forward.

Additionally, Djokovic made the generous offer to pay for all costs out of a desire to support a young Serbian tennis player in realizing his aspirations. “Has all of that placed you under a little pressure? The best in the world is calling for you, so listen up.

Prior to seeing Nole, I was a little anxious. But thank God Novak understood how to approach him even then. When Novak arrived and said, “What’s wrong, Medo?,” I was there. He gave Hame a hug and asked him how he was before inviting him to play basketball.

Hamad greatly benefited from Novak’s ability to unwind. We spoke over the phone while they were together in Montenegro making plans, and I asked him: “Son, how are things going with Nole?” She replies, “I don’t create a relationship with him in that way, just a friendly relationship because he treats me like a friend, therefore I would like to be his friend too,” when I ask Hamad if everything is going well.

He is wealthy today and has pals “Sportal was told by Eldin Medjedovic. Early in July, Medjedovic won his first Challenger tournament by winning the Luedenscheid competition. Djokovic was competing in his Wimbledon Round of 16 match on the day of the Luedenscheid championship match.

Djokovic took the time to congratulate Medjedovic on winning his first major championship, though. He participates in such a significant tournament and still finds time to show interest in other things because he is a champion, after all.

Relaxing in Croatia is Djokovic

Goran Ivanisevic, a former player from Croatia, commented on his friendship with Novak Djokovic in a recent interview with Nova TV.

“Working with Djokovic was an honor and a joy for Ivanisevic since he was “a man who has overcome everything and is still hungry and eager for victory. He’s had a challenging, unjust year; a lot of unpleasant things have happened to him.

He deserved that Wimbledon since he and Kyrgios, two of the best tennis players in the world on grass, competed in the final “Ivanisevic continued. Ivanisevic reacted to the circumstance by lamenting the Serb’s exclusion from entering the nation despite his good health and negative coronavirus test.

Ivanisevic emphasized, “If you are unvaccinated and test negative, then you cannot enter America. If you are vaccinated and infected, you can enter America.”