According to ATP ace, “You always had to defeat Roger Federer in…”

The French player Constant Lestienne provided an in-depth analysis on the Big 3’s supremacy in an extensive interview with “Punto de Break.”

Lestienne’s Big 3 takeaways

People “don’t realize how ‘golden’ this generation has been, how good all of them have been,” Lestienne added, referring to Tsonga, Monfils, Simon, and Gasque.

“We had four or five guys among the top 20; that won’t happen again tomorrow. Additionally, they are all wonderful people that I know. They are fantastic men with outstanding careers. Lestienne continued, “Honestly… it’s been a terrific generation. Gillou (Simon) informed me that, to win a major event, you always had to beat Roger Federer in the quarterfinals, Rafael Nadal in the semifinals, and Novak Djokovic in the final.

Nothing else needs to be said. Simply put, they encountered three aliens.” The former world number one revealed a poor habit of his while discussing how to handle the pressure and unease before a prominent match.

After detailing how organizing his gear and cleaning and polishing his boots help him relax, Nadal fessed out, “My mother and sister chuckle when they remember this. because they claim that I am a disciplined and organized person when it comes to sports.

However, I am disorganized and preoccupied everywhere else. When competing against Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, two other members of the renowned “Big Three,” the 14-time French Open champion’s abilities were put to the test.

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According to ATP ace, “You always had to defeat Roger Federer in…”

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