“I did new stuff like,” says Carlos Alcaraz.

Carlos Alcaraz, the sixth-ranked player in the world, said he is not preoccupied with his position but admits he would dearly love to make his ATP Finals debut this year. Alcaraz, 19, is third on the Race to Turin leaderboard and is having an outstanding season.

Although Alcaraz has a good chance of being among the top five this season, he says that the famous end-of-season event remains his ultimate objective. “It would be a good aim, but right now my focus is on making the ATP Finals in Turin at the conclusion of the season, not on my ranking.

Even if I compete, my current position in the rankings is not the most important thing. Keeping winning matches and tournaments is what will drive me to keep going up,” Alcaraz remarked, according to Tennishead. “The fact is that it has surprised me a little, sure,”

Although I work hard for it, I have had amazing outcomes this year. I did not anticipate developing so soon. As I often say, hard effort pays off, however in my situation everything happened a little too quickly and unexpectedly,” Alcaraz continued. Alcaraz has had a fantastic year, taking home four titles thus far in 2022.

Alcaraz won his first Masters championship in Miami when he was just 18 years old by defeating Casper Ruud in the championship match. Alcaraz played on Madrid’s clay courts in May to win his second Masters championship. Alcaraz additionally won ATP 500 competitions in Rio de Janeiro and Barcelona.

Alcaraz did not, however, succeed in his goal of taking the French Open. At the French Open, Alcaraz made it plain that he wanted to win his first Grand Slam championship, but he ultimately lost to Alexander Zverev in the quarterfinals.

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Alcaraz shocked everybody.

Carlos Alcaraz, who received a bye in the first round, will make his debut this Thursday against Nicolas Gombos in the round of 16 at Umag, where he defends the first championship of his career (he now has 5).

A few days after losing the final against Lorenzo Musetti in Hamburg, the Spanish player opened up about his mental state before the match. “I have fully recovered from what occurred in Hamburg both physically and mentally, and I feel prepared to defend my title in Umag.

I enjoy coming here because of the fantastic atmosphere, the opportunity to unwind for a few days, and the opportunity to try new things like jet skiing. I gave this vow to show up a lot of thought, and happily this year I was able to honor it.

I’m not sure if I’ll keep that pledge the next year; first, I want to win the competition.

“I did new stuff like,” says Carlos Alcaraz.
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