Leading trainer defends Novak Djokovic’s position

Novak Djokovic paid a steep price for his decision to forego the coronavirus vaccination. The former ATP number 1 suffered severe image damage in addition to being unable to defend his championship at the Australian Open at the start of the year.

The Masters 1000 events in Indian Wells and Miami in the spring had to be forfeited by the Serbian champion for the same reason. The 35-year-old Belgrade native encountered some unexpected setbacks as he struggled more than he had anticipated to discover the appropriate automatisms.

After being let down in Roland Garros, Nole was able to make up by winning at Wimbledon for the seventh championship of his career. The “Djoker” matched Pete Sampras, his idol, and closed the distance between him and Rafael Nadal in the all-time Grand Slam rankings.

While on holiday in Croatia, Novak is awaiting word on his ability to travel to the United States and compete in the season’s final major. In an interview with the Croatian website “Slobodna Dalmacija,” Goran Ivanisevic brought up Djokovic‘s decision to forego the coronavirus vaccine.

Novak Djokovic and Ivanisevic

Goran Ivanisevic brought up Novak Djokovic‘s decision to forego vaccination despite his setbacks at the Australian Open and the limits put in place by the United States during an interview he gave for the Croatian website Slobodna Dalmacija on the sidelines of the Umag competition.

“I hope that the decisions about vaccine requirements will be changed. No one has ever experienced anything serious despite there being infected individuals in Australia, Roland Garros, and Wimbledon. There are so many inconsistencies: I received my vaccination, therefore I don’t have a problem; but, for two and a half years they tortured us; additionally, when you become infected, it’s as if you have scabies, and they expel you and the team.

On the wall of shame, we were. An online petition with more than 12,000 signatures has been created to change the USTA’s and the American government’s vaccination policy. Djokovic is currently prohibited from entering the country due to immigration regulations because of his incomplete immunization history.

There is “absolutely no reason” to prevent Djokovic from competing in the US Open in 2022, the petition claims in response. The US Government and USTA must cooperate to grant him permission to play, it further claims.

Djokovic, one of the game’s icons, must be let to play if unvaccinated American players are allowed to compete. USTA, MAKE IT HAPPEN!