Mansour Bahrami recalls the message from Novak Djokovic that made him happy.

Mansour Bahrami, a finalist in the doubles event at the 1989 French Open, claimed that Novak Djokovic called him a few years ago and expressed interest in his tennis. Bahrami, 66, frequently takes part in matches between legends during Grand Slam competitions.

As a well-known performer, Bahrami’s matches frequently contain a variety of trick shots. The 21-time Grand Slam winner Djokovic is a great fan of Bahroumi’s on-court demeanor and demeanor off the court “I first met Novak Djokovic three years ago.

We were at Roland Garros‘ dressing area. As I was having a conversation with Boris, Novak approached me and said, “Mansour, I looked (at) your films and I adore viewing them. It’s great, and I hope you don’t mind that I tried to copy a few of your techniques.

I was shocked and delighted that he informed me, and I appreciated his candor “ATP Tennis Radio Podcast, as reported by Sportskeeda, according to Bahrami. I said, “Nole, you are number one in the world and I appreciate you asking. It would be an honor for me if you tried one of my shots, so please help yourself.”

Djokovic commends Bahrami.

Iran isn’t particularly known for tennis, therefore Bahrami was fortunate that his father was a gardener at a sizable sports complex with a variety of tennis courts. “When I was 5 years old, we had a sizable sports complex where we could play every sport.

There, my father worked as a gardener. When I first learned to walk, it wasn’t a problem for me to go play any sport “Bahrami disclosed. Bahrami never had much success in singles because he never cracked the top 15. However, Bahrami did achieve some success in the doubles game, most notably making it to the 1989 French Open doubles final.

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Mansour Bahrami recalls the message from Novak Djokovic that made him happy.

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