“Media suggested Novak Djokovic has a detrimental effect,” remarked Ivanisevic.

Novak Djokovic‘s decision to forego vaccination was defended by Goran Ivanisevic. By Ivanisevic “I admire Novak Djokovic‘s bravery and respect his choice. He doesn’t intend to return. He was falsely depicted in the media as the head of the anti-vaccine movement and as having a negative influence on others.

Although he does not want to have a coronavirus vaccination, he has never suggested that others follow his example. I admire his choice and concur wholeheartedly.” Ramesh Takur went back to the shocking Djokovic departure from Australia: “Nole was expelled from Australia not because he could spread the disease but rather because he would reveal the ineffectiveness of these vaccines.

The authorities feared that Djokovic, who had been sick twice but hadn’t received a vaccination, might compete in the Australian Open and take home his 21st Grand Slam in Melbourne. Covid vaccinations would have lost favor with the public, and the rise in fear would have swiftly come to an end.”

What will happen to the US Open in 2022 now?

The US Open in 2022 will be Novak Djokovic‘s last, barring an implausible last-minute alteration. The Serbian champion, who reaffirmed this during Wimbledon, is not immunized against the Coronavirus and has no intention of receiving the double dose.

The Australian Open and the American Masters 1000 in the spring had to be forfeited by the former ATP number 1 for the same reason (Indian Wells and Miami). The 35-year-old Belgrade native made up for his Roland Garros setback at the Championships by winning the trophy for the eighth time in his career.

Nole‘s lead over Rafael Nadal in the all-time Grand Slam standings has shrunk as a result of his fourth straight victory in London. The Spaniard will have the opportunity to stretch once again to the US Open, a competition he hasn’t participated in since 2019.

Djokovic has no plans to participate in minor tournaments to gain points, thus little is known about his schedule.