“My career has always been a priority, however…” said Rafael Nadal.

Adriano Panatta, the 1976 French Open winner, reveals he is not a huge fan of watching tennis players in sleeveless shirts since he thinks they are more appropriate for sports like basketball and volleyball. Rafael Nadal made his tennis debut in 2005 by winning the French Open as a teenager wearing a tank top.

In several competitions in recent years, world No. 2 Alexander Zverev has also sported sleeveless shirts. Panatta was questioned by Sette about his thoughts on Zverev trailing Nadal and the Spaniard sporting a tank top.

“There is no way to see the sleeveless shirt. For volleyball and basketball, it’s acceptable, but for tennis, you can’t stare at the tank top “said Panatta. Nadal shocked everyone in January 2019 by choosing to return to wearing a sleeveless shirt during the Australian Open.

Tennis veteran John McEnroe asked Rafael Nadal to explain why he had started wearing a tank top again after one of his triumphs. Why did you return to the tank top, I asked? McEnroe enquired. Nadal retorted, “I want to play without the sleeves. I have no trouble hitting my forehand in really hot temperatures, therefore I like to play that way.

“Restores my youthful feeling” Nadal is getting ready to begin his North American hard-court season in Montreal. Nadal‘s intention to participate in the competition that begins on August 7 was announced by Montreal Masters tournament director Eugene Lepierre a week ago.

Nadal won the French Open and Australian Open.

After defining brilliance, discussing a prospective coaching career, and paying a touching tribute to his uncle Toni during the outstanding interview he gave to the airline Iberia, Rafael Nadal this time shared the advice he would offer himself if he were a teenager.

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“I don’t often give advise, but I always emphasize that if you want to be a professional or devote your life to anything, you must put everything else on hold. Even though I don’t do them as frequently as a typical young person, I still hang out with my friends and enjoy myself, even if my profession has always come before those activities.

I would tell young people to always have fun, to fight for what they want, and to surround themselves with nice people. At the structure, this is what we aim to accomplish with them every day.”

“My career has always been a priority, however…” said Rafael Nadal.

By Antonio Zaccaro

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