Pedro Araújo and Fábio Coelho join the ‘rooms’ cast in Castelo Branco

The number of Portuguese competitors in the quarterfinals of the ITF of 15,000 dollars in Castelo Branco was increased by Pedro Arajo and Fábio Coelho to four. Both simply only two sets to advance and keep up this week’s strong performance.

The 6-2, 6-2 score demonstrates how easily Arajo, the third seed and 570th-ranked player in the ATP rankings, defeated unranked Frenchman Adan Freire da Silva. The Lisboeta, who was in charge of the activities, moved toward the “rooms,” where Raphael Lambling or Kuzey Cekirge were now expected (1065th).

With a score of 6-2 and 7-5, Fábio Coelho (1085th) already had to prevail in a fratricide match against the youthful Tiago Silva (unranked but already given the first ATP point). It’s time to wait for the second seed, either Alexandros Skorilas (560th) or Robin Bertrand (1308th).