Pedro Araújo defeated in the ‘rooms’ in Castelo Branco

Pedro Arajo, a 20-year-old player who is currently ranked 569th in the ATP rankings and will reach the top 550 for the first time in his career on Monday, lost this past Friday in the quarterfinals of the ITF M15 in Castelo Branco. He was the third seed and the second tennis player in the world with more ranking than Arajo, who lost the day before to Portuguese player Jaime Faria.

The Lisbon player lost a difficult match, lasting more than two hours, by scores of 6-4 and 6-4 to Frenchman Raphael Lambling, 1065th on the ATP and Daniel Rodrigues’ teammate at the University of South Carolina. The Lisbon player was unable to play his best tennis in the match, which was decided by the numerous games that were discussed at length regarding the advantages. The Frenchman defeated Pedro, the second seed, this week, and Lambling is enjoying a wonderful week.

Jaime Faria, who joined Fábio Coelho in qualifying for the doubles final and the singles semifinals, is the only Portuguese player left in the Portuguese event. The 18-year-old will compete against 1369th ATP-ranked Australian Kody Pearson on Saturday.

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Pedro Araújo defeated in the ‘rooms’ in Castelo Branco
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