Portugal hosts World Veterans Championships in Jamor with Gil, Machado and many international stars

Three years later, the ITF World Team & Individual Championships will be held in Oeiras, Lisbon, and Cascais between July 31 and August 13. This will bring the top senior tennis players from across the world back to Portuguese soil.

The Portuguese Tennis Federation was once again trusted by the International Tennis Federation to host the competitions in the brackets +30, +35, +40, and +45 in 2022 after organizing the World Championships of Veterans in the brackets +50, +55, and +60 in 2019. These competitions will bring hundreds of players, including some well-known athletes, to the cities of Oeiras, Lisbon, and Cascais.

Former athletes Rui Machado (former-59th ATP), Frederico Gil (2010 Estoril Open finalist, former number 62 in ATP rankings, and vice-champion of the world senior ranking in 2021), Neuza Silva (former-133rd WTA), Frederica Piedade (former-142nd WTA), and Sofia Prazeres are all included in the Portuguese delegation (former-152nd WTA).

The World Team Masters Championship will take place during the first week of competition, from July 31 to August 5, at three clubs: Club Internacional de Foot-Ball (CIF) in Lisbon, Clube de Ténis do Estoril in Cascais, and Complexo de Ténis do Jamor (the “main stage”) in Oeiras.

The team competition will feature about 450 players from 119 teams representing 32 countries, separated into the categories +35, +40, and +45.

Men’s and women’s teams from Portugal will compete in the three classifications, competing on separate stages during the first week.

Women’s team +35: Patrcia Couto, Frederica Piedade, Rita Freitas, and captain Neuza Silva

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Men’s +35 National Team members include José Ricardo Nunes, Frederico Gil, Gonçalo Nicau, and captain Rui Machado.

Inês Moura (captain), Isaura Faria, Barbara Lopes, and Isabel Ferro are the women’s 40+ selection.

Mauri Brito Gomez (captain), Matthieu Garcia, Joo Marques, and Joo Silv were chosen for the men’s 40+ team.

Dominika Gorecka (captain), Sofia Prazeres, Magda Leal, and Sandra Valente make up the female +45 squad.

Men’s +45 Team: David Coelho, António Moura, Lourenço Lima, and captain Lus Sousa Pinto

Around 400 players in the +30, +35, +40, and +45 age brackets will compete in the World Individual Veterans Championship during the second week of competition (August 6–13), however the whole roster of competitors won’t be announced until August 2.

Vasco Costa, president of the Portuguese Tennis Federation, said at the beginning of the World Championships for Team and Individual Veterans, “I am very happy for the trust that the International Tennis Federation has placed in us to once again organize the World Championships for Veterans and also for the fact that we have managed to gather former professionals who will represent the Portuguese team during the first week.

Portugal hosts World Veterans Championships in Jamor with Gil, Machado and many international stars
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