When Kyrgios’ girlfriend publicly requests a baby, Nick says

The moment when they would be able to have children was a question Costeen Hatzi, Kyrgios‘ girlfriend, posed to the Australian bad boy. The Wimbledon finalist remarked, “Next year,” in an Instagram Story.

According to the news, Kyrgios might become a parent soon.

Regarding his relationship with girlfriend Costeen Hatzi, Kyrgios

Tennis player Nick Kyrgios from Australia thinks Costeen Hatzi is “absolutely the one” and is currently engaged.

Six-time ATP champion Kyrgios has been dating Hatzi since late 2021, and it seems like things have gone well for him overall ever then. During the Australian Open, when Kyrgios won his maiden Grand Slam title, Hatzi accompanied him (doubles).

Off the court, Kyrgios is happy, which affects how well he performs there. Kyrgios told The Daily Telegraph, “She is without a doubt the one; I’m in love with her and she is a fantastic person. We experience highs and lows together, but Kyrgios stated, “I love her to bits.”

That is what I love about her, Kyrgios continued, “I guess for me as an athlete, just to know that I have that person there who can conquer and have that shoulder to lean on whenever I need.”

After Wimbledon, Kyrgios and his girlfriend lost it.

Nick Kyrgios, who finished in second place at Wimbledon, kept his word and celebrated his victory in a nightclub with his fiancée Costeen Hatzi and sister Halimah Kyrgios despite Novak Djokovic declining to “go bananas” with him after the match.

The fiancée of Nick Kyrgios and his sister Halimah both shared pictures from the event on social media. In one image, Halimah was clutching two bottles of alcohol as Kyrgios was dancing with his girlfriend against a background of pyrotechnics and champagne bottles.

In order to increase the variety of beverages served at the celebration party, Kyrgios‘ sister Halimah also uploaded a picture of herself with her preferred beverage, tequila. Nick also has a huge following from Costeen Hatzi.

The major event.

Words cannot express my pride in you. You have so many people’s support, and you never stop showcasing your skills, humor, and tenacity. Wimbledon finals—that is a significant accomplishment in and of itself. Your diligence and hard effort are bearing fruit.

It is really a blessing for me to be traveling with you. Let’s get started! Prior to the Wimbledon championship, Hatzi posted on Instagram.