Before the US Open, an Indian tennis veteran said: “You can never bet against Serena Williams.”

Although returning from a protracted injury hiatus is never ideal, former world No. 18 Vijay Amritraj adds that Serena Williams is a player you should never undervalue. Just two weeks before the event began, Williams, 40, announced her intention to compete in Wimbledon after a 12-month absence.

Williams put up a good fight against Harmony Tan in the opening round at Wimbledon, but she was defeated in three sets. Williams is currently preparing to participate in the North American hard court swing. Prior to traveling to New York for the US Open, Williams registered to compete at WTA 1000 competitions in Toronto and Cincinnati.

Williams‘ potential for a Grand Slam, by Amritraj

“Returning after a protracted absence is never simple. Even a great champion like Serena Williams needs to have played in some matches, and that is a crucial factor.

The second factor is, naturally, physical aptitude. It’s difficult to win seven matches on a hard court in the US, and Queens can get quite hot and steamy while the matches are taking place. Does she feel physically capable of doing so?

Thirdly, does she still possess the mental strength to maintain her secrecy for the past seven matches? something she hasn’t carried out recently. You can’t bet against Serena Williams, but only because she’s Serena Williams, said Amritraj to Essentially Sports.

Since winning the Australian Open in 2017, Williams has not experienced a Grand Slam victory. Williams has won 23 Grand Slam tournaments and needs just one more to tie Magararet Court’s record of 24 Grand Slam victories.

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Williams, who has won the US Open seven times, has experienced great success in every Grand Slam. Between 2012 and 2014, Williams won three straight US Open championships, but she hasn’t won there in eight years. How far Williams advances in the US Open this year remains to be seen.

Before the US Open, an Indian tennis veteran said: “You can never bet against Serena Williams.”
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