Explaining what makes Nick Kyrgios’ serve so powerful, Patrick Mouratoglou

The serve of Nick Kyrgios, according to coach Patrick Mouratoglou, is “totally unpredictable,” and he finds some similarities between Kyrgios and the legendary Pete Sampras. The 27-year-old Kyrgios is regarded as one of the top servers on the Tour, and his success in reaching the Wimbledon final was largely down to his serve.

It doesn’t really matter if Kyrgios makes his first serve because the Australian frequently tries for a massive second serve. When Kyrgios is serving well, as he frequently does this season, opponents often become frustrated trying to break the Australian.

“He seems wholly unpredictable to me. He can serve in any zone and uses the same toss every time “In a video that was uploaded on his Instagram, Mouratoglou remarked. “the same each time. In today’s game, striking the ball almost as it rises is quite uncommon.

The rhythm never changes. Being impossible to read and being able to serve is a huge asset. Pete Sampras also possessed that quality. The toss is always the same, according to all of the players, making it impossible to predict where the ball will travel.

And at the last second, he chooses to travel in that direction or that one. It is therefore impossible to notice it, and in my opinion, he is quite good at hiding the serve. His hand is so relaxed, and as a result, he wields so much force that, for a man of his height, he serves hugely and effortlessly.

His serve appears to be effortless. The best is simply the beat.”

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Mouratoglou: Kyrgios‘ serve feel is incredible.

Players rarely benefit much from knowing where Kyrgios will serve, even when they do manage to do so.

In addition to his strength, Mouratoglou believes Kyrgios‘ arms’ flexibility is what allows him to serve with such force. When Nick Kyrgios touches the ball on the serve, he has such a feel for it that his accuracy is incredible, Mouratoglou continued, “He (Nick Kyrgios) has unbelievable hands and we can see that in the game.”

“He can serve with tremendous whip impact due of his excellent rhythm and absolutely free hand, and I believe that he is also quite flexible since he can locate the short zone. This is a brief cross. Which, incidentally, is the one that’s the hardest to locate.”

Explaining what makes Nick Kyrgios’ serve so powerful, Patrick Mouratoglou
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