Maria Sharapova: The day after giving birth was the weakest my body has ever felt.

Maria Sharapova, a former five-time Grand Slam champion, admitted that the day after giving birth was perhaps the weakest she has ever felt. Sharapova announced two weeks ago that she and her fiancé Alexander Gilkes had given birth to a kid they named Theodore.

Since giving birth to her child four weeks ago, Sharapova has resumed mild exercise. “Today, four weeks have passed since I gave birth, and two weeks have passed since I started using my body again. Even small motions feel like progress for me because I don’t believe my body has ever felt as weak as it did the day after giving birth.

I’ll let you know how that goes, but I’m trying not to push it,” Sharapova posted on Instagram.

The Sharapova-Serena Williams rivalry is remembered by Sharapova’s coach.

Williams was reportedly the opponent Sharapova respected Williams the most, according to Michael Joyce, who helped Sharapova win three of her five Grand Slam titles.

In 2004, Sharapova defeated Williams in two of their first three meetings. Then, despite being one of the best players in the world for many more years, something that no one could have expected happened: Sharapova was never able to defeat Sharapova again.

Williams concluded with a commanding 20-2 head-to-head record against Sharapova after winning the previous 19 encounters. Joyce stated on the Tennis Channel podcast that, in the end, Maria most likely had the utmost regard for Serena compared to any other player.

Just my opinion, which is all I have to go on. Maria never expressed it, but I get the impression that she always believed she had a chance no matter who she was playing. Sloane Stephens could be winning, but Maria always believed that if she persisted and showed toughness, she could turn the situation around.

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However, there was a time when Serena seemed to be on top of her game. Serena went through a phase where she really blew Maria away for three to four years, and I think Maria was fairly predictable in some respects about how she was playing.

Maria Sharapova: The day after giving birth was the weakest my body has ever felt.
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