What could be better than practicing with Rafael Nadal and the ITF junior world No. 2?

Junior Daniel Vallejo of Paraguay, who had the opportunity to hit alongside Rafael Nadal, a record 22-time Grand Slam champion, couldn’t contain his joy. Vallejo, 18, came into this week as the No. 2 junior in the ITF. Nadal hit with the talented Paraguayan Vallejo as he gets ready for the North American hard court swing.

“What is superior to this? Gratitude to Rafael Nadal “Vallejo tweeted something.

After a terrible Wimbledon end, Nadal is planning to make a comeback.

After winning the first two Grand Slam events of the year, Nadal, 36, set his sights on winning Wimbledon for the first time since 2010.

Nadal was making good headway at Wimbledon as he advanced to the semifinals. Unfortunately, during his quarterfinal encounter against Taylor Fritz, Nadal was clearly hindered by an abdominal injury, and as a result, he had to allow Nick Kyrgios a walkover to go to the semifinal.

It was difficult for Nadal to withdraw from his Wimbledon semifinal, but he didn’t want to run the risk of worsening his condition. At Wimbledon, Rafael Nadal said, “I can’t envision myself winning two matches, and I don’t want to go out and not be competitive enough.

“A few weeks ago, I thought that the foot injury would drastically alter my career. Happiness is more vital than any titles as the most important thing. I can’t take a chance on that match and miss the competition for two or three months.

It is a very difficult one, and I am quite upset.” After withdrawing from Wimbledon three weeks ago, Rafael Nadal is currently getting ready for the Montreal Masters, which begins on August 7. Director of the Montreal event Eugene Lapierre remarked, “Nadal really wants to travel to Montreal and his hotel rooms are already reserved.”

Even if Nadal didn’t win Wimbledon, he still had a fantastic season and will undoubtedly strive to end it with the US Open championship.