Analyzing the statistics from Rafael Nadal vs. Carlos Alcaraz, Patrick Mouratoglou

As he feels the 19-year-old Spaniard is here to stay, coach Patrick Mouratoglou has drawn an interesting stats comparison between Carlos Alcaraz and Rafael Nadal. Alcaraz is already regarded as one of the finest players on the Tour despite just turning 19 this past May.

Alcaraz has achieved a career-high world ranking of No. 5 after winning two Masters tournaments this year. Alcaraz is frequently cited as the athlete who will represent the men’s game once the Big Three retire.

In light of the numbers Mouratoglou has examined, it is clear why Alcaraz has had such a successful season.

Mouratoglou: A lot of people believe Alcaraz to be the new generation’s Rafael Nadal.

“On the Tour, Rafael Nadal has some of the top return statistics.

He owns the record for the best percentage (33.5%) and has won the most return games “in a video he posted to his Instagram, Mouratoglou added. “However, Carlos Alcaraz has outperformed Rafa this season in terms of return statistics.

Did you know that when the Spaniard scores the game’s first point, he wins 51.8% of his subsequent matches? The average for the tour based on this data is 38.4%, which puts this into perspective. Alcaraz is ahead of Rafa by 5% in return games won after the first two points, with a 77.8 percent success rate.

The average for the entire trip is 59.4%.

Similar to 30-30, Alcaraz is able to break 38.5 percent of the time, surpassing Rafa’s rate once more. He is somewhat back on the return, but he moves forward as much as he can to meet the ball.

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His preparation is brief, but he follows through completely. Once in the rally, Alcaraz excels at neutralizing the point and accumulates strength over time to seize control. Alcaraz is frequently referred to as the Rafa of the current crop of athletes.

But could he possibly outperform him? I believe he is one of the best and most reliable players on the Tour at the moment, and we will see him among the top 5 very soon.”

Alcaraz is frequently compared to Nadal and has stated numerous times this season that he wants to be “the best Carlos Alcaraz.”

Analyzing the statistics from Rafael Nadal vs. Carlos Alcaraz, Patrick Mouratoglou

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