Atp Umag – Hurricane Sinner, comeback victory. Italy nightmare for Alcaraz

Both Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz met expectations on their first appearance in the finals. The two young prodigies put on a fantastic match, and Italy once more grinned. The Azzurro nightmare for Carlos Alcaraz is still going strong as Jannik Sinner emerges victorious from the Umag competition.

The Italian ignites a thrilling contest and captures the Umag title, his sixth career triumph and first of 2022. (first on clay). Sinner triumphs after a comeback and destroys his adversary pal. The final outcome is 6-7;6-1;6-1.

Alcaraz loses to an Italian for the fourth time, following his semifinal defeat against Musetti in Hamburg. Right away, Jannik is quite aggressive, but Alcaraz counters blow for blow with excellent balance.

The serve is the deciding factor in the initial games, which go by swiftly. The challenge moves quickly and the two do not want to lose anything to their opponents. In the seventh game, Jannik made a mistake but was saved by the first.

Jannik serves brilliantly, but two double faults in a row give the match its first lead at 4-4. Sinner, on the other hand, carries on with the first and is saved without giving up break balls. With the serve to dominate and no break balls on either side, it comes down to the tie-break.

The Spaniard ramps up the tempo and becomes unstoppable. Carlos quickly builds a lead with a good response and a fantastic exchange, and he is up 5-1. The South Tyrolean responds admirably, first moving to 5-4 before superbly saving a set point at 6-4.

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He serves a fantastic first at a score of 6-5 but wastes it at the net. To Alcaraz goes the first set.

Blue Sinner‘s successful comeback.

The Spanish player gains self-assurance and improves dramatically in his ability to respond, but Jannik holds on to his serve and averts six break points in a game in which he trailed 0-40.

As Jannik grows more self-assured, he is the one who, in the following game, takes advantage of several errors made by Alcaraz and scores the game’s first break. The match radically shifts gears as Alcaraz squander, or rather Jannik cancels, two additional break points and, in the following game, leads 4-1 and receives a double break as a result of an outrageous victory that leaves Carlos speechless.

While Jannik appears freed and closes 6-1 to the sound of wins, the Spaniard crumbles. Jannik makes a strong start in the third set, but Alcaraz quickly picks up the pace, forcing the Italian to forgo a break point in the third game.

The crucial point occurs in the following game when Jannik, who is constantly aggressive on serve, receives the break that essentially determines the match. Here, the match essentially has a good ending for the blue team since Carlos completely gives up, also from exhaustion, and Sinner triumphs with a decisive score of 6-7;6-1;6-1.

Atp Umag – Hurricane Sinner, comeback victory. Italy nightmare for Alcaraz

By Antonio Zaccaro

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