Coach Darren Cahill comments about Jannik Sinner’s chances of winning the Grand Slam.

The Italian player might make a deep run at the US Open, according to coach Darren Cahill, who thinks Jannik Sinner has what it takes to win a Grand Slam. The 20-year-old Sinner has advanced to the quarterfinals of three Grand Slam tournaments, excluding the US Open.

Sinner almost missed out on making it to his maiden Grand Slam semifinal at this year’s Wimbledon when he was defeated by Novak Djokovic while leading by two sets. Cahill told La Stampa that Jannik is one among the people who can win Grand Slams.

“And by now, I don’t mean in a year. At the US Open already? He plays with enough force for that type of surface and moves well on hard surfaces.” Cahill is regarded as one of the best trainers on the Tour after guiding Simona Halep to two Grand Slam victories and the top spot.

One of the main reasons Cahill chose to begin working with the Italian was that he sees excellent traits in Sinner. Cahill responded, “Because he is a very good guy and a fantastic player, and I appreciate dealing with guys like that.

I’m more interested in the person and the potential I see than the ranking.

Sinner admires Cahill.

In Eastbourne, Sinner and Cahill made their joint performance debut. When asked about Cahill, Sinner said that he was an excellent coach and a wonderful person.

“Darren is a decent and honest individual who wants to support my group and I. There is no better person on earth. We put forth a lot of effort every day, have a good time, and everyone gets along. The most crucial factor is this “About Cahill, Sinner said it during Wimbledon.

Sinner has never advanced past the quarterfinals of a Grand Slam tournament other than the US Open. If Sinner wins the US Open this year, it will be his first Grand Slam victory.