Jaime Faria flies in Castelo Branco for the first final of his career

Really big! Jaime Faria, one of the most promising young Portuguese players of the current generation, continued to shine at the Castelo Branco $15,000 event and earned a spot in his first international singles final of his professional career.

The Australian Kody Pearson (1369th) was easily defeated by the player ranked 1047 in the ATP, who works at the High Performance Center of the Portuguese Tennis Federation. The score was partial 6-4 and 6-2. Faria, who has always been reliable, is getting set to talk about the trophy after defeating Castelo Branco, the first seed.

The French duel between Robin Bertrand (560th) and Raphael Lambling (1065th) will be his opponent, but Jaime Faria will be concentrating on something else for the time being. On Saturday afternoon, the Portuguese will discuss the doubles final with Fábio Coelho and the Frenchmen Maxence Broville and Pierre Delage.