“Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz are the greatest,” says Stefanos Tsitsipas.

Stefanos Tsitsipas’ growth in this sport has slowed down a bit since the epidemic and Covid-19 emerged. He is one of the Tour’s most skilled players, but in 2022 he has encountered several challenges.

The tennis player had a lot of difficulties, but she is still ranked among the top ten in the world and recently published an interesting interview. These are his exact words, in his own words: “Being affected by the pandemic? At first, it was difficult, but given what has occurred in recent years, I am now accustomed to live in this manner.

At the end of the day, I try to act the same way I did before the pandemic and focus entirely on playing. the pandemic’s problems? We are subject to a great deal of limitations and tests. However, as I previously stated, we are fortunate to have the ability to play tennis and travel the world at the same time.

social media sites? I believe you should take a break from social media, and lately I haven’t been using it at all. All guys are now expected to have them, but they should strike a balance and avoid being glued to their phones or computers all day.

The titles of ATP? Even though I am only 23 years old, I have already won ten championships. I aspire to win many more, preferably Grand Slam titles. Since I usually competed in significant tournaments, I didn’t wind up winning many of them, therefore I believe 10 titles are sufficient.”

Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz are the greatest,” says Stefanos Tsitsipas.

The Greek tennis star then discussed the Big Three as well as the newest and upcoming players on the Tour “I believe the Big Three are now within reach.

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It is difficult to replace Djokovic, Federer, and Nadal because they represent the greatest generation of tennis players in the sport’s history. However, I think that interacting with them has allowed us to develop and get to where we need to be.

It would have been different without them, but I believe that Djokovic and Nadal, above all others, can still win championships. youthful people? Although there are many talented young players on the tour and tennis has a bright future, I believe that Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz stand head and shoulders above the competition.”

“Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz are the greatest,” says Stefanos Tsitsipas.
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