Novak Djokovic provides an update prior to the US Open.

Novak Djokovic, a 21-time Grand Slam winner, took a moment to thank his supporters for their support and to say that he is working on his US Open preparations while still holding out hope that he would be able to play in New York. Djokovic, 35, has not received a COVID-19 vaccination, and because of current vaccination regulations in the United States, he is not eligible to travel as an unvaccinated foreign visitor.

Djokovic posted on Instagram, “I just wanted to take a moment and say to all of you how glad I am to see so many messages of support and love from all over the world these days. “Because I didn’t anticipate it, it feels really mind-blowing.

I only wanted to express gratitude. People’s love and support for my tennis career and their desire for me to keep competing make me feel special. While I wait to hear if I can travel to the US, I am preparing as if I will be able to compete.

Cross your fingers!”

Djokovic might not complete his second Grand Slam in 2022.

Djokovic had hoped to open his campaign at the Australian Open, but the outcome of that is well known.

Djokovic stressed that he does not intend to get the shot simply so he can compete at the US Open after winning Wimbledon. Djokovic also stated to media that he will not attempt to smuggle himself into the United States.

The Australia visa situation, according to Djokovic, was a “really terrible experience,” and he doesn’t want to go through something similar again. Djokovic won his maiden Grand Slam at Wimbledon after being barred from the Australian Open and losing in the quarterfinal of the French Open.

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Currently, Djokovic has one Grand Slam more than Roger Federer, but one less than Rafael Nadal. Whether Djokovic will have the opportunity to participate for his 22nd Grand Slam at this year’s US Open is still up in the air.

Novak Djokovic provides an update prior to the US Open.

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