Rafael Nadal can give his all on the court, according to ATP legend

20-time Rafael Nadal, a major winner, lead the field at the last Masters 1000 competition in Paris last year. Nadal was unsure whether he would participate in the Paris Masters and the ATP Finals following the 13th victory at Roland Garros. But he still doesn’t.

In order to complete his impressive collection, number two in the world decided to compete in the Masters 1000 tournament in the French capital. In 2007, Rafa made his debut in Paris, making it to the final but finishing in second place after defeating David Nalbandian in just four matches.

Nadal has experienced numerous injuries in the months after the US Open throughout the years, so he was never the favorite on an indoor hard court. He made three more semifinal appearances in Paris but was never a serious contender for the championship. Rafa reached the round of four in 2019 after defeating Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, but he withdrew due to an abdominal injury before facing Denis Shapovalov, gaining crucial points in the race for the top spot against Novak Djokovic.

Rafa hoped to capture consecutive titles in Paris last November after a well-deserved and appropriate hiatus and the legendary success of Roland Garros, earning the top seed when Novak Djokovic withdrew as the reigning champion.

Prior to Paris in 2020, Nadal competed in just five tournaments, winning two ATP titles at Roland Garros and Acapulco. Nadal spent six months at home and didn’t play tennis in March or April. He started practicing in May but didn’t like the weather in New York before Cincinnati and the US Open.

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The Spaniard passed up both competitions, earning 2000 points toward the 2019 US Open championship and focusing on Rome and Roland Garros instead.

Rafa is working out hard.

Rafael Nadal has been acclaimed by John McEnroe as the best fighter in the history of the sport, and the tennis legend has said that young people should look to the Spaniard as an example of what it takes to be a champion.

In an exclusive interview with Tennis365, McEnroe said, “I’ve never seen anyone like him. “Until I watched Rafael Nadal, I felt Jimmy Connors had made an effort. This is absurd. And by a wide margin, that is his best characteristic.

“I mean, we all know what a great player this guy is. People strive to be like him, but it’s incredibly challenging to go out there and put in that kind of work, you know, match in and match out, game in and game out.

If not, everyone would carry it out. You could just tell Nick Kyrgios, “Go out and give it your all, and you’ll be No. 2 or No. 3 in the world,” as an example. Well, I suppose he would do it if it were that simple. But you understand that it isn’t for him.

Rafael Nadal can give his all on the court, according to ATP legend

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