Swimming champion discusses being inspired by Roger Federer.

Adam Peaty, a six-time winner of the European Swimming Championship, says Roger Federer is his hero because of his incredible longevity. Federer, who will turn 41 in a month, plans to play again at the Laver Cup in late September.

Federer, who was 36 when he won the Australian Open championship in 2018, was able to find significant success relatively late in his career. The 27-year-old Peaty, who is regarded as one of the greatest in his field, aspires to be as successful and long-lived as Federer.

“All the great players inspire me, but Roger Federer is the one who I feel is simply pure class, don’t you think? Peaty told the Evening Standard, “If you get to your late 30s or early 40s still playing your sport, why not? That’s someone you want to look up to in terms of how he comes across, how he performs, and his attitude in the sport.

Peaty was motivated by Federer.

It’s a difficult sport, especially as you age, but you find new ways, don’t you, Peaty said. “That’s another 10 years or more.” Federer hopes to make a comeback in September and retire on his own terms.

Federer told Het Parool, “Time will tell how I want to handle things and how frequently I keep looking for interest. “I occasionally, though infrequently, think about that today. My major concern is figuring out how to return to tennis.

I put a lot of effort into that and consider it daily. I still don’t know in advance how you feel and how you will respond to such praise and standing ovation. Federer has lined up to compete at an ATP event in Basel in October in addition to the Laver Cup, which takes place in late September.