An ex-ATP champion discusses Novak Djokovic’s response.

Who will ever forget the thrilling matchup between Novak Djokovic and Stefanos Tsitsipas in the French Open 2020 semifinals? Although Djokovic eventually prevailed in the game, he had to overcome several obstacles. In the third set, Djoker had a match point, but Tsitsipas saved it to force a decider.

Match results were 3-6, 2-6, 7-5, 6-4, and 1-6 in the end. Stefanos Tsitsipas recalled that crucial conflict in a recent interview. He claimed that coming so close and losing was a really heartbreaking experience for him.

“I lost to Djokovic in the semifinals after a tense fifth set. Being forced to leave the field injured was incredibly unpleasant and sad. In the fifth set, I was unable to perform. He gave me a knockout. Simply put, he extracted every last drop of me. That it ended out that way was incredibly upsetting, Tsitsipas remarked in a recent interview.

Stefanos Tsitsipas feels that he really gave it his all during the match against Novak Djokovic, saying, “He fought very, very hard.” Tsitsipas emphasized that because he battled so valiantly in that match, it was also a proud moment for him.

He said that during the match, he had excellent tenacity. “However, I’m also proud of myself since I put up a valiant fight. I was the tenacious Stefano; I was the Stefano who showed up completely devoted to my profession and my art.

So it was great,” said the sixth-ranked player in the world. Despite everything, Tsitsipas considers his performance at the most recent Roland Garros to be excellent, and he hopes to continue playing that way in the future.

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Ivanisevic discusses Djokovic.

In a conversation with, Goran Ivanisevic made the joke that he had a better chance of earning a wildcard to Umag and winning the Croatia Open than the US Government granting Novak Djokovic permission to play in New York.

“I’m not familiar with the US Open because I find it challenging. I have more faith that Tomislav Poljak, the director, will extend an invitation to me and that I will triumph at Umag than I have that they will permit him to compete at the US Open. As a nation, they are closed to those who are not immunized, thus he is currently unable to enter; “said Ivanisevic.

Ivanisevic also reflected on Novak Djokovic‘s challenging season during the conversation. “The year got off to a terrible start, and I think the ATP made the incorrect choice to take away points at Wimbledon.

But it was a significant victory for Djokovic because he needed it and it demonstrated that he is possibly the best player on grass “added the Croatian.

An ex-ATP champion discusses Novak Djokovic’s response.

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