Andy Murray discusses his motivation for taking up the cause of women’s rights.

Andy Murray, a three-time Grand Slam winner, said that Amelie Mauresmo’s treatment during their time together inspired him to speak out more for women. Mauresmo joined Murray‘s coaching staff in 2014, and the two collaborated for a period of two years.

Following the hire of Mauresmo, Murray began getting inquiries from reporters that he had not previously experienced while working with male coaches. Murray could probably tell that some people were implying that he shouldn’t have hired a female coach, and that didn’t sit well with him.

Murray remarked, according to Sportskeeda, “Well, I think everyone’s different, so I don’t think that every athlete necessarily should have the same job or speak out about anything.” “However, there have been some issues and topics that have been significant to me throughout my career, and I have been personally motivated to advocate for women.

That truly began as soon as I began working with Amelie Mauresmo. To be completely honest, I hadn’t given it much thought before. I was only concentrating on my tennis and my career as a whole.”

Murray on the response to his employment of Mauresmo

Murray said, “I started to ask more questions to my mother about it when I started working with Amelie and witnessed the manner that she was treated.”

“She has spent her entire life coaching tennis, which is a relatively male-dominated sport. I inquired about some of the difficulties and issues she encountered. Obviously, I discussed it with Amelie.” Murray, on a more upbeat note, said it’s good that male and female tennis players compete against one another.

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Murray replied, “I believe it’s a terrific message. “It’s fantastic for advertisers and television, in my opinion. Simply put, I think it’s great for the sport. When I can, I strive to speak out against that.”

Andy Murray discusses his motivation for taking up the cause of women’s rights.
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