“Fans don’t realize what I’ve been through,” said Nick Kyrgios.

Nick Kyrgios recently got the most significant result of his career. The strong and distinctive Australian tennis player advanced to the Wimbledon final, where he was only beaten by tennis icon Novak Djokovic.

The Serbian tennis player prevailed in four sets in the fantastic match the two created. A few hours before the Atlanta event began, tennis player Nick Kyrgios forfeited it because he still needed to take the court in that match.

Nick then engaged the fans who had brought his Sportkeeda coworkers back in a question-and-answer session. Here are his exact statements in relation to the Wimbledon championship: “I had a good match, in my honest opinion, especially considering it was my first Grand Slam final.

Maybe if I find myself playing a game of this level again, I’ll try to restrain my emotions more. I had a fantastic match against Nole, and considering the way I played and served, I believe I would have defeated Novak Djokovic in the championship match.

People that criticize me are ignorant of my life experiences. People mistake my high level of confidence for arrogance.”

Nick Kyrgios discusses his connection to Costeen Hatzi.

Due to his relationship with Chiara Passari, a previous girlfriend who, among other things, got him into trouble with the law, Nick Kyrgios went through a difficult time.

Additionally, Kyrgios discussed his harmonious relationship with Costeen Hatzi: “I used to be addicted to my phone for hours at a time, constantly wondering what other people thought of me. Thanks to Costeen, I feel like I can entirely detach from tennis and enjoy quality time with my family and friends.

Everything is simpler when both people are in love. Having Costeen at my side has been a blessing for my job and is undoubtedly assisting me greatly.”