Rafael Nadal claims that his left foot is stronger than his right.

Early in 2003, Rafael Nadal was the youth on a mission. At the age of 16, he competed in four Challenger finals and won a title to go closer to the top-100. As a Monte Carlo qualifier for the Masters 1000, Nadal demonstrated his full talent and eliminated Karol Kucera in the first round before defeating Albert Costa, the reigning Roland Garros champion, in the second round to earn his first top 10 victory.

and a spot in the 16th round. Rafa competed well in the opening set against Guillermo Coria there until the Argentine won 7-6, 6-2 in 1 hour and 34 minutes. Eight break chances were created by both players, and five of them were successful for Coria.

Following that close first set, which Guillermo won after Nadal‘s forehand error at 6-3 in the tie break, Guillermo broke three times and maintained the tempo. At 5-1 down in the second set, Rafa took a breather before resuming to serve in the following game after Coria’s errant low shot put her into the round of eight.

Despite losing, the kid was happy with his effort that week and wanted to keep up his good work despite feeling a little worn out. “Despite the loss, I am pleased with this tournament and the way I played today because I played well and gave myself opportunities.

Physically, Guillermo was superior to me. He had just played a number of matches, and I must admit that I was feeling a little worn out. Guillermo outplayed me and earned the victory because my shots weren’t falling where I wanted them to.”

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Rafa Nadal is back in the gym.

Rafael Nadal explains why he prefers to play tennis with his left hand in his book Rafael Nadal: My Story. He declared, “I’ve seen news reports claiming that Toni pushed me to play left-handed and did this to make me harder to play against.

It’s not true, though. It is a fabrication of the media. The fact is that I started playing when I was very young, and I used both hands to hold the racquet on the forehand and backhand because I wasn’t strong enough to hit the ball over the net.

He continued, “Then one day my uncle said, “You’ve had to adapt because there are no professional players who play with two hands and we’re not going to be the first ones.” So I did, and playing left-handed was something that I was naturally good at.

Why, I’m not sure. I write with my right hand, and I also use my right hand to play basketball, golf, and darts. However, I use my left foot to play football because it is much stronger than my right.

Rafael Nadal claims that his left foot is stronger than his right.

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