Rafael Nadal: “I’m disorganized and distracted.”

facing Denis Shapovalov, gaining crucial points in the race for the top spot against Novak Djokovic.

Following a well-earned respite and Roland Garros‘ historic triumph, Rafa tried to capture consecutive titles in Paris in November of last year. Rafa took advantage of Novak Djokovic‘s decision to withdraw as the defending champion to establish himself as the top seed.

Prior to Paris in 2020, Nadal competed in just five tournaments, winning two ATP titles at Roland Garros and Acapulco. Nadal spent six months at home and didn’t play tennis in March or April. He started practicing in May but didn’t like the weather in New York before Cincinnati and the US Open.

The Spaniard passed up both competitions, earning 2000 points toward the 2019 US Open championship and focusing on Rome and Roland Garros instead.

Already registered for the Canadian Masters is Rafa.

Rafael Nadal revealed a poor habit of his while discussing how to handle the pressure and unease before a prominent match.

After detailing how organizing his gear and cleaning and polishing his boots help him relax, Nadal fessed out, “My mother and sister chuckle when they remember this. because they claim that I am a disciplined and organized person when it comes to sports.

However, I am disorganized and preoccupied in everything else. They are accurate. At home, my room is never clean. I frequently forget stuff when I travel and my hotel room,” he continued. After receiving many weeks of well-earned vacation,

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Rafael Nadal: “I’m disorganized and distracted.”

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