According to a former ace, “Novak Djokovic underlined his goal to reach…”

Tennis star Novak Djokovic from Serbia reflected on his first ATP Finals match, which occurred 12 years ago. The former World No. 1 recalled: “I think I competed at the ATP World Tour Finals in Shanghai for the first time in 2007, and I think I lost all three of the group matches.

I was with Ferrer and Nadal; I don’t recall the other player. He was tense, though. He was, of course, pleased to be there. Although he was quite thrilled to be one of the select eight men, you know, it’s a new atmosphere for you.

Knowing you’re going to play a top 10 player in every pool match makes it different even if it’s on a tennis court and it’s a tennis match. Since we have a lot of experience and have been competing at the highest level for a long time, there is a lot of mental pressure to do well.

We are aware of how to handle these kinds of circumstances intellectually and emotionally. Knowing that he would likely feel a little more nervous at the start of the match, he wanted to try to use and break resistance very fast, which happened in the first set halfway through.

A rather simple forehand for him was missed. That allowed me to relax. After that, I was able to read it more clearly, so I took it from him and set up shop on the court. I got going really nicely. Simply put, I’m really happy with how I returned, especially in light of how strong and quick the server is and how efficient the service is.

I’m pleased with how I was able to return the majority of his serves, especially after that point in the match.

Ivanisevic considers Djokovic.

Goran Ivanisevic, Novak Djokovic‘s trainer, frequently discusses his colt.

Additionally, he is one of just two coaches in the top 10 with such a significant media attitude. Therefore, he recently provided some words to the Croatian news outlet Hina. He exposes the real reason behind Nole in this interview. “I talked to Djokovic when we first met when he was nine years old.

We didn’t begin cooperating until we were thirteen years old. Our current working relationship dates back 18 years, which is a pretty long time. He reiterated his ambition to participate in 30 Grand Slam competitions each time. He will have the opportunity to do this while playing for the next five years.