“I have greater control on both hands than…,” said Rafael Nadal.

Carlos Moya, Rafael Nadal‘s coach, recounted his first encounter with the Spanish player. Says Moya “In Stuttgart, he was competing in a Masters 1000 match and another competition. I learned about it from a Nike agent. Because he played alongside Richard Gasquet, one of the top players in the world, I had already heard a lot about him.

They requested whether I may strike him for a period of 15 or 20 minutes. He is also Miguel Angel’s nephew, a soccer player.” As for the composition of Nadal‘s staff, Moya added: “We are the physical trainer, physiotherapist, agent, public relations team, and two coaches.

the entire family Each one brings together a variety of small components. We have a terrific team, but we still lack one quality player. We occasionally hold different opinions, but ultimately it is up to the gamer. He only takes what he deems to be required.

We laugh as we suffer. The fact that Rafa is so modest makes everything simpler. He and I have been friends since he was 14 or 15 years old, and I am familiar with everyone who is close to him.” Moya also disclosed that the team and him are members of the same WhatsApp group: “We make an effort to avoid including weird things, especially during competitions, and too many tennis-related things. We schedule training events.”

Moya’s analysis of Nadal‘s recovery from the US Open final was as follows: “He was exhausted. He needed assistance putting his leg into his jeans. You just focus on the positive aspects, but he was truly destroyed. After several days under strain, it’s time to take a break and refuel.”

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Rafael Nadal explains why he prefers to play tennis with his left hand in his book Rafael Nadal: My Story. He declared, “I’ve seen news reports claiming that Toni pushed me to play left-handed and did this to make me harder to play against.

It’s not true, though. It is a fabrication of the media. The fact is that I started playing when I was very young, and I used both hands to hold the racquet on the forehand and backhand because I wasn’t strong enough to hit the ball over the net.

When asked if playing left-handed gave him an advantage on the double-handed backhand, Nadal responded, “People claim this provides me an advantage, and that may be accurate. I must benefit from having greater feel and control in both hands than the majority of players, especially when making cross-court shots where a little extra strength helps.

“I have greater control on both hands than…,” said Rafael Nadal.

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