“I just have to keep working hard every day,” said Rafael Nadal.

In three sets, 0-6, 6-0, 6-1, Gaston Gaudio upset Rafael Nadal in the 2005 Buenos Aires quarterfinals. The Spaniard was 18 years old when he won his first Grand Slam championship at the French Open four months later. The Manacor native was extremely anxious following the defeat against the Argentine, and upon entering the locker room, he broke all of his rackets.

Is this person crazy, what’s wrong with him? Gaudio, who now acknowledged that he had defeated a phenomenal player—one of those people who is born once every 100 years—thought. “All seven of his rackets were destroyed by him.

I believed him to be insane. He never suffered a defeat. Rafa, who had won the French Open (in 2004) and was performing well on clay, couldn’t accept the loss because he perceived it as a failure.” Regarding Djokovic‘s prospects of ending the year as the No.

Goran Ivanisevic ranked first, before Rafael Nadal, saying: “In the last two weeks, he made a full recovery. Djokovic must defend the points from the previous season in order to maintain his No. 1 ranking, thus he should essentially win every match up until the end of the season.

In contrast, Nadal has nothing to lose. It will be challenging but not impossible for Djokovic. Marian Vajda, his additional trainer, is traveling with him to Shanghai and Tokyo. I was obligated to the Legends Cup, thus I was unable to attend.

I’ll be with him in Paris and at the ATP Finals in London. Ivo Karlovic, Ivanisevic’s countryman, has a career ace total of almost 13,000 aces. Don’t forget about Ivan Ljubicic, Marin Cilic, and Mario Ancic. I don’t understand why he uses such a large cast.

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We could have been taller than average. We also have a basic move.”

Nadal was forced to leave Wimbledon.

Rafael Nadal began his professional career in 2001, his mind already in the category of the great athletes. The 16-year-old came into the ATP with a strong will and a well-thought-out list of goals.

Well, I guess it would be to advance as far as I can, to excel as a tennis player, he continued. Just keep putting in the effort every day, that’s all. It won’t be simple, I’m sure. “There’s so much high-level competition out there,” he continued.

Because I’m younger than everyone else, I typically assume that they must be much better than me when I compete in tournaments. But once you’re on the court, things usually level out because I’m a warrior and I truly detest losing.

Within four years of his debut, the Spanish youngster lived up to his boasts and won his first Grand Slam trophy.

“I just have to keep working hard every day,” said Rafael Nadal.

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