“Jannik Sinner can win the US Open in 2022,” says Darren Cahill.

Jannik Sinner, who has won his current 4 ATP titles on hard courts, is adamant about taking on the challenging second half of the year. The blue has recently given more of himself in interviews than usual and has expressed concrete hopes of success that might advance both his career and the commencement of the American Tour in 2022.

We considered the Australian super coach Darren Cahill, who shared some intriguing details and thoughts, to relaunch the Italian tennis player’s messaging. The coach paused for a second before explaining why he chose to follow the Italian: “He is a fantastic player as well as a really good child.

I enjoy working with individuals like that. I’m more interested in the person and the potential I see than the ranking. Jannik is one of those who has a chance to win a Grand Slam. And by now, I don’t mean in a year. “Us Open” He plays a game that is strong enough for that kind of surface and moves well on concrete.

His serve, transition to the net, and ability to play on the spot are all getting better.”

Jannik Sinner can win the US Open in 2022,” says Darren Cahill.

Cahill continued: “In the past two years, first with Riccardo Piatti and then with Simone Vagnozzi, he has made significant development.

In order to play the type of tennis he wants to play in two years, he must plan ahead and make special efforts to get there. The second service is crucial because, if you can make it interesting, it can help you with the first and give you a feeling of greater freedom.

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You are only as strong as your second serve, according to a tennis adage. Because of his work ethic, passion, and professionalism, he makes me think of Lleyton Hewitt. He is unique as a tennis player, but he still has the same passion.” There is no lack of ambition, and lofty goals are undoubtedly being set.

There is no doubt that in the US, the Italian and his team seek to advance their progress by finding at least one exploit in the two Masters 1000 events, or more specifically at the US Open, the final Grand Slam competition of the year.

“Jannik Sinner can win the US Open in 2022,” says Darren Cahill.

By Antonio Zaccaro

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