Rafael Nadal: “I play with in football.”

Next week, Rafael Nadal plans to compete in the Rogers Cup in Montreal. The Spanish player, who took home victories in 2005 and 2013, exclaimed, “I like Montreal. For me, it’s a very significant destination because I have happy memories there and because I adore the city.

Although I was successful, there were instances when I lost too soon, giving me the chance to explore the city. As a result, I feel extremely at home there and am very familiar with the area. I played a lot of night matches here and I recall there was a terrific atmosphere in the 2013 semi-final versus Novak Djokovic.

It’s also wonderful for gamers to go out and enjoy themselves in front of a large crowd. Tennis in Canada is getting better and there are many talented players. A fantastic job is being done by the Canadian Tennis Federation. Marco Cecchinato reflected on his four-set triumph over Novak Djokovic in the 2018 French Open quarterfinal in an interview.

The fourth set tiebreak, according to the Italian player, was the best moment. So many lengthy points made it wonderful. It’s challenging to express the feelings. The Palermo native continued, recalling his entire experience at the French Open: “In the first round, I was down two sets and then I won 8-6 in the fifth.

Then I defeated Novak, David Goffin, and Pablo Carreno Busta. It had been a dream. The following game I played against Dominic Thiem was excellent. I made it to the semifinals of the first tournament on grass before winning Umag, my first clay tournament since the French Open.

Nadal is equipped

Rafael Nadal explains why he prefers to play tennis with his left hand in his book Rafael Nadal: My Story. He declared, “I’ve seen news reports claiming that Toni pushed me to play left-handed and did this to make me harder to play against.

It’s not true, though. It is a fabrication of the media. The fact is that I started playing when I was very young, and I used both hands to hold the racquet on the forehand and backhand because I wasn’t strong enough to hit the ball over the net.

He continued, “Then one day my uncle said, “You’ve had to adapt because there are no professional players who play with two hands and we’re not going to be the first ones.” So I did, and playing left-handed was something that I was naturally good at.

Why, I’m not sure. I write with my right hand, and I also use my right hand to play basketball, golf, and darts. However, I use my left foot to play football because it is much stronger than my right.