Regarding his tennis character, John McEnroe More athletes than Bjorn Borg are like me.

Legendary American tennis player John McEnroe says that he and Jimmy Connors are more comparable to other players than Bjorn Borg. Former seven-time Grand Slam winner McEnroe was renowned for his demeanor and tantrums on the court.

Borg, on the other hand, was an extremely composed person who hardly ever showed any emotion. In terms of tennis, I believe most people are more like me and Jimmy Connors than Borg, who never expressed any emotion. It’s difficult to keep from becoming upset because the game is so emotionally draining.

For about five minutes, I would say, “I’m going to go practice and be like Borg for two hours.” According to McEnroe, “It just wasn’t in my DNA.

McEnroe playing the bad guy

For McEnroe, seeing people scream was “natural” growing up in Queens, New York.

In Queens, New York, where McEnroe grew up, “there were people yelling and screaming all the time,” A noisy dining table was present. And it appeared typical. McEnroe was taken aback by how nice Londoners were when he traveled there for the first time in 1977 to compete at Wimbledon.

“Oh my God, these people are so polite,’ I thought. “This place is very silent,” McEnroe recalled. McEnroe was renowned for his outbursts, but they were a natural part of his game. Though McEnroe acknowledges that it was challenging for him to convince people that he was actually a good guy off the court, he gradually came to love the villain image.

“Maybe unknowingly to yourself, you sort of feed into this villain thing, and then it turns into this out-of-control monster. When people began to recognize me and ask if I was the “brat guy,” my life was completely altered.

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They don’t understand me, I’m a lovely guy, I was thinking. However, I occasionally behaved badly on the court.

Regarding his tennis character, John McEnroe More athletes than Bjorn Borg are like me.
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