Reilly Opelka is optimistic about cracking the top 10

Reilly Opelka claims he doesn’t actually benefit from his countrymen’s prosperity, but he does admit he enjoys socializing with them. Eight Americans are among the top-50 players, with Opelka being the 17th-ranked American.

According to Sportskeeda, Opelka stated, “I don’t feed off it at all.” “And why should I? This is not a race. It is a worldwide sport. I don’t get my energy from what they do. I don’t get my energy from how many are in the top 50.

It is an individual, worldwide sport. To be honest, it’s good to have them around for socializing. I believe that all I care about is getting them into the top 100 or top 50 in order to have some pals on tour.

There is no other way I can see it. They do not exert more pressure on me than Medvedev, Tsitsipas, or any of those players. The same applies.”

Opelka is optimistic that he can enter the top 10

Opelka is currently No. 1, which is a career-high position.

17 worldwide. Opelka reached his previous career high in late February, and he likely anticipated setting a new one by this point. He remains optimistic, though, about his chances of cracking the top 10.

“Yes, I firmly believe that I have top-10 potential. I believe I have a top 10 chance. But predicting it is difficult. A top 10 guy is, in my opinion, essentially difficult to forecast. A lot can occur. There are numerous diverse surfaces and a wide range of seasonal variables that affect that.”

Opelka will take part in this week’s Citi Open in Washington. Opelka receives a first round bye in the competition because he is the fourth seeded player in the draw. Opelka will face the winner of the contest between Denis Kudla and Michael Mmoh after receiving a bye in the first round.