Analyst: “Novak Djokovic wasn’t immunized last year but…”

Robert F. Kennedy, J.F.K.’s nephew, gave his support to Novak Djokovic in his effort to compete in the US Open despite not having obtained the required vaccinations. “Take initiative! Request that the Biden Administration allow Djokovic to compete at the US Open “Robert F. tweeted.

On July 28, Kennedy Jr. posted a tweet. Kennedy included a link to a petition urging Novak Djokovic to compete in the US Open with his tweet. “In other words, Djokovic is not a threat to public health; his involvement benefits the sport, and he shouldn’t have to compromise his morals in order to compete.

Djokovic is welcome to participate in the US Open. Don’t allow oppression prevent him, “reads the message’s conclusion, which comes before the petition is signed. Robert Kennedy’s organization Children’s Health Defense, which has a description on its website, “The New York Times best-selling book “Crimes Against Nature” is one of Kennedy’s many published works.

As a result of his achievement in assisting Riverkeeper in leading the effort to restore the Hudson River, Mr. Kennedy was recognized as one of Time magazine’s “Heroes for the Planet.” His track record as a tenacious defender of the environment and the health of children is the result of numerous victories in court.

He was honored for his part in both the DuPont Affair, which served as the basis for the 2019 film “Dark Waters,” and the momentous triumph over Monsanto last year.” The fact that Novak Djokovic cannot visit the United States because of his immunization history is deemed “absurd” by US Senator Marsha Blackburn.

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Djokovic, 35, is ineligible to enter the United States because he has not received his COVID-19 vaccination. Foreign visitors are required to show documentation of their immunization. Djokovic is currently highly likely to skip the US Open this year.

Seth Dillon on the story of Novak Djokovic

The CEO of the news website The Babylon Bee, Seth Dillon, is the most recent to speak out in favor of Novak Djokovic.

He stated that there is no justification for a restriction this time around as the 21-time Grand Slam champion was permitted to compete last year without receiving the immunization.”

Djokovic participated at the 2021 U.S. Open. In the finals, Medvedev defeated him.

He was not immunized. Why in science’s holy name is he not allowed to play this year?” Tweets from Dillon. Last month, after winning his eighth Wimbledon championship, Djokovic reiterated his position on the matter.

“The only positive news I can have is that they will no longer require the mandatory green vaccination card, or exemption, or whatever you want to call it to enter the United States as I am not immunized and do not intend to get immunized. Exemption, in my opinion, is not a realistic possibility. If that were to be the case, I’m not sure what the exemption would entail “said Djokovic.

Analyst: “Novak Djokovic wasn’t immunized last year but…”

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