Disappointed by Novak Djokovic’s “show of selfishness,” an American doctor

Doctor Jonathan Reiner, an American cardiologist, believes that Novak Djokovic should have utilized his position to lead by example during the pandemic rather than “displaying selfishness.” One of the best tennis players in history, Djokovic, has not received the COVID-19 vaccine and there is no sign that he will in the near future.

Djokovic is unable to enter the country as an unvaccinated foreign visitor because to existing US vaccination regulations. Doctor Reiner acknowledges his disappointment with Djokovic‘s refusal to receive the inoculation but believes the Serb should compete at the US Open.

According to Sportskeeda, Doctor Reiner stated, “When I look at someone like Djokovic, someone who has made hundreds of millions of dollars playing tennis, who has had this very lucky life, I look at him to be some type of a symbol of public responsibility.”

“Despite the fact that I believe he should play in the United States, I believe he has completely failed to do so during the pandemic’s deadliest period, when he should have been held up as an example.

In reality, what he did was show utter selfishness; that’s how it felt last winter.”

According to Dr. Reiner, Djokovic ought to have set an example.

One of the biggest athletes in all of sports, Djokovic‘s refusal to get immunized, according to Doctor Reiner, is sending the incorrect message to others.

“Athletes are people who attempt to reach out to the public and reflect the best parts of us, in my opinion. when young people support a player at sporting events like the US Open or baseball games.

I seek out players who can inspire me to strive for greater things in my life. some bravery, discipline, or self-sacrifice display. I believe that during the pandemic, using a mask in public was not a significant sacrifice, and getting immunized to protect oneself and the community wasn’t a significant personal sacrifice either. However, it is a declaration of your dedication to your community, “Reiner clarified.