Hiring Serena Williams’ top coach is the “greatest thing that could happen,” according to Simona Halep.

Simona Halep thinks she made the right choice when she opted to hire Patrick Mouratoglou, Serena Williams‘ former coach, despite having already broken up with Darren Cahill. “To start with, Darren left me in September of last year, so to be clear, I didn’t leave him.

Second, I won’t compare them because they are so dissimilar. At this moment, all I can say is that meeting Patrick would be the finest thing that could happen to me. He is extremely energizing. He’s quite generous. So, working with people like them means a lot to me, “as reported by Eurosport Romania, Halep.

What led Halep to employ Mouratoglou?

Former No. 1 Simona Halep hired Patrick Mouratoglou as her coach because she thinks he can help her become even more as a player. Two-time Grand Slam champion Halep hasn’t achieved that feat since Wimbledon in 2019.

“I asked to work with Patrick because I genuinely want to rise to the top and I thought he would be the greatest person to assist me in doing so,” the speaker said. He really being available to do it with me was a stroke of luck. Because I work every day to achieve my goal of returning to the top and winning another Grand Slam, “Exclusive to Tennis Majors, Halep said.

“I’d like to take the ball first. Compared to earlier, I wish to open the court considerably better. I won’t argue that my previous performance was subpar, but I do wish to improve “Halep made known. “I’d like to build up my physical strength as well because playing with the big hitters while being offensive and near to the baseline is challenging.

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You must therefore possess physical strength. I’ll concentrate on it as well as opening up the court, using some angles a little bit more effectively than previously, and actually taking the ball early. Therefore, that is the aim of our vision.

Hiring Serena Williams’ top coach is the “greatest thing that could happen,” according to Simona Halep.
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