“I’ll try not to do that next time,” said Carlos Alcaraz.

Both Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz played up to the hype since it was their first appearance in the championship game. Once again, Italy was the winner of the stunning duel between the two young prodigies. Jannik Sinner won the Umag tournament, continuing Carlos Alcaraz‘s misery with the Italians.

The Italian ignited a fantastic contest and captured the Umag title, his sixth career triumph and the first of 2022. (the first on clay). Sinner triumphed after a comeback and destroyed his adversary pal. He came out on top with a score of 6-7, 6-1, 6-1.

Alcaraz fell to an Italian for the fourth time, in his second straight final following the draw with Musetti in Hamburg. Alcaraz maintained a fantastic balance while Alnik began the fight with strong aggression.

The early games went smoothly thanks to the serve’s command. The first saves Jannik in the seventh game where the challenge moves swiftly and neither player wants to give anything to the other team.

Jannik serves effectively, but at 4-4, two straight double faults give the game its first lead. Sinner, however, persisted in his attack with his first and made a save without giving up any break points. He had an excellent serve going into the tie-break and there were no break points on either side.

In a flash, he was up 5-1 when the Spaniard cranked up the pace and proved unstoppable, first with a winning response and then with a superb exchange to put Carlos ahead. The Italian responded brilliantly, first preventing a set point at 6-4 and then bringing the score to 5-4.

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He delivered a strong first serve at 6-5 but blew the opportunity at the net. To Alcaraz went the first set.

Carlos Alcaraz was unsuccessful.

Carlos Alcaraz, who lost the Umag final 7-6, 1-6, 1-6, essentially broke down at the start of the second set.

He plummeted, playing tennis unbefitting of his talent after failing to convert nine break points, while Jannik Sinner made his shots. The Spaniard freely acknowledged during a press conference that he had lost track of the game.

“I had numerous opportunities, and it’s difficult to defeat somebody like Jannik if you don’t take advantage of them. He improved after the first set, and I was unable to serve well. At one point, I was unsure of what to do or how to persuade him to play.

The crucial factor was when he began to respond. I continued to miss and show less vigor. Next time, I’ll attempt to avoid doing it.”

“I’ll try not to do that next time,” said Carlos Alcaraz.
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