Legend has it that Rafael Nadal has asserted he has never

Rafael Nadal was widely believed to be close to retiring after competing in just seven recognized tournaments in 2021. The Spanish champion said that he was unsure of his ability to compete at the highest levels again, but the Majorcan’s strong start to 2022 removed any concerns.

Against all odds, the former world number one defeated Daniil Medvedev in the Australian Open final to cap off an incredible comeback. The 36-year-old Manacor native then won the 14th Roland Garros, despite having to endure numerous infiltrations due to foot pain.

Rafa tried the feat at Wimbledon as well, but an abdominal rupture prevented him from competing in the semi-final against Nick Kyrgios. The 22-time Grand Slam champion is practicing on hard courts in preparation for next week’s match in Montreal.

The US Open, which he hasn’t competed in since 2019, is the Iberian’s ultimate objective. John McEnroe examined Nadal‘s mindset in a lengthy conversation with “The Week” magazine.

McEnroe takes on Nadal first.

“Today’s players appear to be incredibly pleasant guys.

Rafael Nadal has asserted that he has never in his life cracked a racquet. However, in terms of tennis, I believe that most people are more like myself and Jimmy Connors than Borg, who lacked emotion, McEnroe stated. It’s difficult to stay emotionless when playing this game because it’s so frustrating.

For about five minutes, I would say, “I’m going to practice and be like Borg for two hours.” It simply wasn’t a part of me. Although this may have been partially accurate on the tennis court, McEnroe regretted how people had come to see him only as the villain. Off the tennis court, he was just as lovely of a guy as anyone else.

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You may not even be aware of it, but you kind of feed into this villain thing, which then grows into this out-of-control monster, according to McEnroe. “When people began to recognize me and ask if I was the brat boy, it completely altered my life.

They don’t understand me, I’m a lovely guy, I was thinking. However, I occasionally behaved badly on the court. In 2022, Rafael Nadal is enjoying a fantastic year. The Spaniard won the Australian Open to kick off the year.

Further, he conquered Roland Garros yet again. In addition, the 36-year-old was competing effectively at Wimbledon. He was forced to sit out and miss his semi-final match against Nick Kyrgios due to an unfortunate injury, though.

Legend has it that Rafael Nadal has asserted he has never

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